Running in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) Part 3

After a big week at work, I decided to treat myself to a trail run on Saturday morning. I had been watching Mt Wellington all week, and so decided that I wanted to explore some of Wellington Park.

Within my training plan, I was only supposed to run 5km so decided to catch a bus to Fern Tree to start my run up there. Fern Tree is a small locality on the edge of the park which provides an entry point to a number of trails and has a pub and cafe. The bus ride up was extremely picturesque, interesting architecture on steep hillsides as we climbed our way up the side of the Mountain.

I had studied the Wellington Park map and decided to tackle the O’Grady’s Fall track which looped from Fern Tree to some falls, and then back to Fern Tree via Rocky Whelan’s cave.

This was a good plan…

But as happens on trail runs, I took a wrong turn (I found some tracks were not very well sign posted) and ended up on the Radford’s Track. IMG_2940

IMG_2941 Both tracks were fun to run. It was a strong uphill climb, some of which I walked, but the ferns, eucalypts and rocky paths were stunning and the light was filtering in through the canopy. As always, I found my happy place on the trail.

After a couple of kms I found myself in a clearing with a road. As I hadn’t really looked at my map since Fern Tree, I had no idea where I was or what I had stumbled upon. As I crossed the road, I found a coffee van (very


Mt Wellington from The Springs (and a coffee van)

tempting to stop and have a sit down for a while) and a view of Mt Wellington. There was some signage that told me that I had arrived at The Springs. Originally a home site, the area is now a lovely picnic spot with lawns and a hut.  A nice spot to stop on your way up to the summit (if that’s what you are doing – I would love to tackle it one day).

After consulting the map, I took a route back down to Fern Tree that took me to Silver Falls via Reid’s Track (a very rugged downhill section that took me forever to navigate at a snail’s pace). The falls were beautiful and refreshing. I took a moment to enjoy them (and stick my head in!).


Silver Falls

Eventually I made my way back to Fern Tree only to discover that I’d missed the bus by 5 minutes and there wouldn’t be another one for an hour. I paced around Fern Tree for a while, trying to figure out if I should stop and get some lunch while waiting for the bus, or whether I should go for a longer run. While doing so, I noticed a lot of people disappearing down an interesting looking track so I decided to make it a longer run. It looked like it went the same direction as the road back down the hill, so I though I could always catch up at the bus at a different stop.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.57.32 AM

Elevation & Map – Fern Tree to Hobart

It turned out to be the Pipeline Track, which runs along a pipeline built in the 1800s to provide a water supply to Hobart. This track was a gentle descent to the Waterworks reserve. A scenic run including old aqueducts, historic buildings, ruins and there is plenty


Pipeline Track

of signage along the way describing the history.

I ended up running all the way back to my accommodation in Hobart, as I figured it was easier than trying to find a bus stop. Luckily I had enough water with me.

All in all it was a magnificent run that once again renewed my love for running.

10 out of 10.

Running in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia)- Part 1

Work took me to Hobart recently for the MONA FOMA festival (which was amazing, definitely worth checking out).

So on my rare moments when I wasn’t working, I took to the trails and streets and explored. I started by exploring the Greater Hobart Trails website which proved to be a great resource when planning my runs for the week.

I didn’t have a lot of time for this run, so opted for a shorter run around Battery Point combining two runs from the Greater Hobart Trails website – the Sculpture Trail and the Battery Point route.

It was a gorgeous easy run around the Georgian era buildings that Hobart is famous for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.56.29 AM

Battery Point 5km


Mt Wellington under cloud

Some of the route I was following from the website was inaccessible, as I went early and there were some gates that were still locked for the day, but I found my way using a different route.

Mount Wellington stands tall beside Hobart and is a sight to be seen. One thing I love about Mount Wellington is how different it looks every time you see it. I took a photo of it every day. On the right here it has a canopy of cloud as the dawn sun shines up towards it.

This run was a great way to have a preliminary explore of Hobart. From this run, I discovered all the facilities  would need (including some good whiskey bars!).

The sculptures on the way kept my eyes up and at some moments I forgot I was running.

I would highly recommend this run when you arrive in Hobart. A great way to start your Hobart adventure.


My daughter’s first race

After last year’s City to Bay run, my 6 year old daughter asked if she could do it with me next time. So this year we entered the 3km together. There was a small part of me that wished that I was running the longer distance, but I really wanted to foster her desire to give it a shot.

We did a 2km run together each weekend for 4 weeks in the lead up, most of which involved leaping, hurdling or doing something other than running. But that was fine, she was enjoying being out there and running (well, sort of).

At the start line

Waiting at the start line…

She was very excited at the start line. We talked a lot about making sure we drank enough water beforehand, and not going out too fast. I was a bit worried she would sprint the first few hundred metres and then not make it to the finish line. I also told her that she could walk whenever she felt the need.

Before the race, we watched the 12km runners coming past and she loved pointing out all the people that had dressed up. Eventually we lined up for the 3km start, and we were off!

She started at a good steady pace, and kept saying ‘Mummy, this is SO much fun’. We walked through the water station, but she was keen to keep running.

At the 2km mark, I told her that she could pick up the pace a little if she wanted. And she stepped it up a notch. I wasn’t sure if she could hold that pace, but she held on strong to the final straight, which was about 400m from the end. At that point I said, ‘if you want, you can run as fast as you want to the finish’. She sprinted and I really had to push to keep up with her. She sprinted all the way to the finish line, and ended up running the 3km in 24 mins.

It’s hard to see in the picture below, but she finished with a very large grin on her face…as did I! I couldn’t have been prouder. She gave it her all with determination, good humour and she’s keen for more. She’s asked to do the 6km next year, and her brother (4 years old) has asked to do the 3km, so we’ll see how we go.

Crossing the finish line

Crossing the finish line in perfect sync

I was never into sport of any kind as a child, and I love that I can share my new-found love of running with them. Hopefully it is something they will take with them throughout their lives.