After completing a Masters in Project Management, I needed a new challenge. I thrive on challenges and new experiences, and I was feeling a little lost without a new goal, or project as it were.

I was also feeling tied down to our stuff. The house, the belongings, the school routine. Where I used to work for fulfilment and enjoyment, I now worked to maintain all the stuff in our lives. That’s not what I wanted for my life, or our children’s lives.

From this, our project was born. Pack up the house, reduce our stuff into one suitcase each, and hit the road.

While Cass is the dreamer, thinker and the master of words, I am the organiser, the planner and the doer. This is a result of 15 years of managing Arts Projects and Events for a living. You can check out my Arts ramblings at The View From Prompt Side.

I’m also a runner. I love to run longer distances, mostly on trails. I have learnt many valuable lessons from running: how to calm my mind, what matters to me, and how to push myself to do things I thought were impossible. If you are interested in my running adventures, check out Running Wild.


Mem and El Chico at Lord Howe Island

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