We have said so many goodbyes this week and each of them is unique. Some goodbyes are joyful, others are tearful. Some have a business like tone, ‘see you next time,’ with a handshake, but some are extended well wishes, hopes and thoughts.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people we are saying goodbye to, and how their lives may change, how the kids will grow in our absence, how they will pull through their trials, and how some of those battling illness will get by.

I’ve been thinking about distance, and how it can be hard to be so far away when life takes a new turn. But distance also forces you to be more active in friendships and relationships. This I promise.

As I say goodbye to family, friends, work colleagues, people who have influenced me, people who have supported me, people who have embraced me, I realise exactly how important each of these people are in my life. They are the true fabric of existence. The act of leaving has renewed my perspective and made me truly appreciate each and every one of them.

There are some people I know I will never see again for various reasons and that is the hardest thing of all. But I know I’m lucky to have the chance to say goodbye.
Saying goodbye is hard but these goodbyes have taught me that there is no perfect way to do it. No matter what you say, it never feels like enough.

So to all those that we won’t see for a while, we love you. We’ll miss you.

Most importantly, stay in touch, send us a message, write us an email, Skype us. Let us know how you’re doing. And we promise to do the same.

Until next time….¡hasta luego!

2 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Will be seeing yous round sometime in da future I’m sure. Sorry we haven’t had a chance to catch up before you head off, but we’ll see you guys on the web I’m sure, again. And on both our travels, You never know what’s over the horizon unless you take that first step, enjoy it, as it’s really the only way to broaden your life, move out of that comfort zone now!!! Love you from Unc Jed, Auntie Lisa & our family.


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