Staying Organised until Departure – Keeping the Kids Involved 

There’s a lot to do before we head off in four months and with both of us still working, we need to stay organised. (As I’ve said before, I’m a die-hard planner and organiser so I couldn’t have it any other way).

I’ve got lists for everything, it’s how I keep my brain clutter-free. If it’s on a list, it doesn’t need to stay in my head.

So to relinquish some control (a difficult feat for me) and give the family a bit of ownership over the list, we made a chart for the fridge this weekend.

We’ve created a weekly check-off at the top so we can easily see how long to go, then divided our tasks up into the remaining months. I’ve still got the master list in my notebook, but this way we can all see it and tick things off as we go.


It was great letting the kids decorate it as we talked about all the things we need to do to get ready. They are starting to get really excited!

The trip is looming, and it’s not long now until we set off towards the horizon.

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