And so it begins

Well, really, it all began a couple of years ago with an idea, which slowly but inexorably took root in our imaginations, until we find ourselves at this critical juncture.

Both Mem and I have recently come to a bit of a crunch point in our careers. About three years ago I was made redundant from a mid-level position in the higher education sector, which (along with an encouraging push from my better half) served as a catalyst for me to embark on a new direction as a freelance writer –  my third career so far.

I’ll let Mem tell her story in more detail, but briefly, for the last 15 years she’s had a successful career as a Stage Manager for theatre,  but after completing her Masters in Project Management in 2014, she’s been itching to move on to the next stage (pun intended), both personally and professionally.

The concept of an extended international adventure, kids and all, was Mem’s originally. I took some time to warm to it, but once she’d caught my attention and convinced me of its merits, I embraced the plan and we started plotting our escape. About a year ago we all travelled to Melbourne for six weeks, tagging along on one of Mem’s theatre tours. It was at this point that we realised that we could realistically uproot our lives completely and live out of suitcases for an extended period of time without it buggering everything up.

It was agreed – we were ready. So we drew a line in the calendar at April 2017 and committed to the plan body and soul. This. Was. Going. To. Happen. We’ve been introducing the concept of extended travel to the kids incrementally and they’ve reached a point, six months out, where they’re both in a state of acceptance. Promising La Chica a birthday in Paris did a lot to smooth out any doubts.

So yesterday, after much discussion, planning, yes-ing and no-ing, we bought our tickets. Bought and paid for.

Holy sh#t, here’s no turning back now!

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