Running in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia)- Part 1

Work took me to Hobart recently for the MONA FOMA festival (which was amazing, definitely worth checking out).

So on my rare moments when I wasn’t working, I took to the trails and streets and explored. I started by exploring the Greater Hobart Trails website which proved to be a great resource when planning my runs for the week.

I didn’t have a lot of time for this run, so opted for a shorter run around Battery Point combining two runs from the Greater Hobart Trails website – the Sculpture Trail and the Battery Point route.

It was a gorgeous easy run around the Georgian era buildings that Hobart is famous for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.56.29 AM

Battery Point 5km


Mt Wellington under cloud

Some of the route I was following from the website was inaccessible, as I went early and there were some gates that were still locked for the day, but I found my way using a different route.

Mount Wellington stands tall beside Hobart and is a sight to be seen. One thing I love about Mount Wellington is how different it looks every time you see it. I took a photo of it every day. On the right here it has a canopy of cloud as the dawn sun shines up towards it.

This run was a great way to have a preliminary explore of Hobart. From this run, I discovered all the facilities  would need (including some good whiskey bars!).

The sculptures on the way kept my eyes up and at some moments I forgot I was running.

I would highly recommend this run when you arrive in Hobart. A great way to start your Hobart adventure.


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