Running in Jervis Bay (NSW, Australia)

We’ve taken our little family on a camper-van adventure from Sydney to Adelaide, with a few detours, and I’m making the most of the time to run some trails. This is the first of a series of posts from my holiday runs.Jervis Bay Grass Patch Beach

Our first stop was Jervis Bay, at the Booderee National Park. This is my second visit, and both times, it has been nothing short of paradise. Apart from all the wonders it offered the kids (they particularly loved the white beaches and the Botanic Garden exploring), it offered a very picturesque place to run.

We were camped at Green Patch, so my run started there, and headed up to the hill behind the campground, following the Telegraph Creek Nature Trail. From there I weaved my way back to the road via some fire tracks, and made my way to the beach where my husband and kids were playing.
Map of Jervis Bay Run

Although it was mid-May, the temperature was perfect for running, warm but not hot, and less humid than my Sydney runs. Jervis BayMost of the trails were in heavy woodland, with the occasional view to the sea. The morning sun streaming in through the trees was beautiful.

Family playingLater in the afternoon, we hung out at the beach, and I swam (well…floated) around while the kids played on the beach. If you’re in this neck of the woods, I strongly recommend spending some time at this National Park. It is more spectacular than you could imagine.

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