Running in Manly, (NSW, Australia)

Me at the topToday’s run was a 9.5km from Queenscliff to North Head. I had hoped to go a little further, but was running out of daylight. The views were breathtaking. The run started along the Esplanade that follows Manly Beach. Beautiful weather meant that many were out enjoying the sun and the sea and the sand.

From there, the run went along the side of the headland, lined with sculptures, to Shelley Beach. From there, I climbed up the headland to amazing views. At the top of the headland, the only way forward was through a hole in the wall. Through the stone wallLovingly decorated with a heart, the hole in the wall leads into North Head National Park, that used tooperate as the army defence point should any attacks from the sea threaten Sydney.

Within the National Park, I came across plenty of sandstone, banksia bushes in flower and mysterious paths through the scrub. My favourite was the lake right on top of the headland formed by the natural dips in the stone.

Lake on the headland

From there, I continued into the military areas, where there are a number of gun pits and the main military base. You are able to go into a lot of these areas, and it was frightening and exciting all at once. To see these monuments of history was fantastic.Gun area

This was a great run, and I strongly recommend anyone visiting the area takes some time out to explore this amazing landscape, history and culture.

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