Running in Canberra (ACT, Australia) Part 3

I had one more chance to go for a run while working in Canberra. I needed to work a 14 hour day on my feet, so I figured an easy run was in order.

I headed back to Lake Burley Griffin to see where my feet would take me. My run ended up looking like this:Canberra Run Part 3

7BC2F4D1-B663-41F2-A7E6-D079683FBED2I headed along the edge of the lake, stopping to have a look at a statue of Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies on the way.

The lake is very beautiful, and cannot be captured in pictures. I did stop to take one picture however, as I could see Black Mountain in the background (I had run up this earlier in the week, see Running in Canberra Part 2). I would have loved to have more time to explore the lake so will have to do so on another visit.


I then turned up Anzac Parade, where various memorials line the path up to the Australian War Memorial. On Anzac Parade, my run got a little emotional. Passing the Air Force memorial, and the Navy memorial, then the Royal Nurses memorial, I got to thinking about my grandparents who served in, or after World War II. I only briefly spoke to each of them about it before they died, and for the rest of my run, I felt like they were running alongside me, pushing me onwards. 9F5BDC61-52D1-40E0-B925-EAB9E960B7AE

This was a very timely reminder for me. To be thinking about their struggles, and the suffering they would have witnessed, while I was running made me realise that the challenges I have in my life, and the suffering I feel when running a long run are minimal compared to that created by war. As my husband would say, it’s all relative. And sometimes remembering that can help push through the struggles and suffering onto things you never imagined possible.

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