Heysen Trail Run – Woodhouse

My latest Heysen Trail run was 6.4km return from the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens through Woodhouse to the Mount Lofty Golf Course.

The map looked like this:

Woodhouse Run


For those who don’t know, Woodhouse is an activity centre with plenty of outdoor activities, including Challenge Hill which is a large-scale obstacle course. There are various facilities and groups can either camp, use dorm-style accommodation or come just for the day. Woodhouse is used by organisations, schools and individuals as a fun outdoor activity.

Running on the Heysen Trail through Woodhouse, I was followed by a group of Rosellas and Willie Wagtails who darted in and out of the trees in front of me. I came across a group of young school children who were delighting in being outdoors, regardless of the wind, rain and cold weather. It was great to hear them laughing and running around, being active in the middle of winter. It is exactly what kids need.

It reminded me that I need to bring my kids to Woodhouse sometime in the near future, a great place to get kids active and enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather. And I’d really like to test myself on Challenge Hill!

It was a muddy run, and my shoes were testament to the fun I had.

Shoes that have fun


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